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Shadi Kayed, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology
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About Shadi Kayed

Philosophy of care

My philosophy is that the patient’s interests come first. I treat all patients the same regardless of anything. I grew up in Syria, where the care was good but could be a little neglected. I feel patients always need better care and you can always find something to improve. That really drives me in my practice of medicine. It’s very rewarding to see patients respond and know that they really feel better – to see smiles on their faces. That’s a goal in this field.

Why I entered medicine

A neighbor who was a doctor guided me when I was young, and I always felt he liked what he did. He talked to me about it and told me it was a really good job – because it wasn’t just a job. Medicine isn’t an occupation where you just go back to work every day, but something you have passion for that makes you feel good about yourself at the end of the day. That made me feel this is something I wanted to go for, and everything he said has turned out to be true.

Community involvement

I live in this community and have kids here, so I’m involved with a lot of things like being members of a church and Scouts. What I like about Scouting is that it’s good for both kids and the community. It helps make kids more mature, guides them, encourages them to make good decisions, makes them feel independent, teaches skills, and fosters respect for nature and people. It helps make them good, productive members of their community.

Personal interests

I enjoy sports, travel and music. I play a stringed instrument called the oud, which is similar to a guitar but wider in the back. I learned it as a child and brought the instrument with me when I came here from Syria. I mostly play for myself but sometimes play for people from our culture who know about it.


Medical Training Damascus University, MD - Doctor of Medicine, 1997


Internship 2006 Mt. Sinai - Jersey City Medical Center,

Residency 2009 Mt. Sinai - Jersey City Medical Center,